You can download here a calendar program for Windows or Linux The dialogue is English or German language depending on the setting in the operating system. Most holidays are available in Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish also and are valid depending on the language setting in the operating system. The Windows program is zipped and able to run on at least Windows 95. The Linux program is available as rpm package. It automatically switches over from the Julian calendar 4713 before Christ until 1582 after Christ up to the Gregorian calendar beginning 1582 after Christ. It correctly prints, that thursday, october 4th 1582 is followed by friday october 15th 1582 according to the calendar reformation. Just enter the year. All other data are calculated.

Calendar main window

You can print calendars in many layouts or save them for further editing as

To do so, in Export or File Form, you choose your desired Type while saving

Save dialogue

Overview print out You can load background designs. If you merge personal dates, these are e.g. underlined as displayed here.
Merged dates setting Here is a picture, how to merge personal dates. It is possible to manage different groups of personal dates.

Adjusting the layout is possible in a wide range. You can save different sets of them, e.g. as a business card with two pages.

Layout setting

Holidays setting The holidays are calculated automatically, but you can decide, which of them are visible and if they are shown as holiday or as working day.

You can add holidays individually.

Individual holidays setting

appointment book print out For appointment books print loose-leaf pages on landscape paper. The pages are bordered for cutting and the punching is marked. With merged dates the events are printed and the passed years since the events are calculated. They are supplied with the moon's phases. Save the sizes and more properties of several appointment books.
Picture calendar print out Create picture calendars. For an example of application see Albert Neumayer.

Print monthly schedules in 6 pages landscape.
Monthly schedule print out

Here are hyper links about calendars and more: Herbert Metz

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