Balsam for the soul

A friend of mine animated me to write a book. I don’t believe that is sufficient for a book, but I like to put it on our website.

I’m an affected person by schizophrenia. Since I have been 18 years I had schizophrenic episodes. That means that these are periods of a schizophrenic psychosis. Now I’m 38 years old. My intention isn’t talking about the illness because I feel fine. I’m fine thanks to all the nice people around me, my husband, my daughter, my father, a few friends but first of all thanks to God. I am wearing in my heart a flower that is described in the book “Momo”. I can’t tell you what you have to do to get this satisfied feeling. I only like to write to you what I need to keep this peaceful feeling in my heart.

When I lived in crisis I had lots of muss in my head and became ill. Out of my heart I cried to God. And one of these cries was that I wished not to have to think too much, so that I could pacify my thoughts. He answered my prayers and gave me thousands of gifts. For four years I haven’t had any schizophrenic episodes. I’ m very thankful and happy. Yes, I’ m sometimes very happy. I usually have a feeling of satisfaction and sometimes I feel a tickle in my heart and I am feeling happy. Now I’m happy because I am able to write it to you. My satisfaction depends on time. I have the opportunity for calmness and peace. I have time to do the things with calmness. I’m not an employee because I would have been overstrained. I admit that I have a fairy godmother that helps me in the household. My family consists of my daughter, my husband, a cat and a hard working father who is able to care for himself and a lot of friends. I don’t have any financial problems and I’m fine. I am healthy and own all I need. God blessed me. It is worthy to believe in God even if something goes wrong. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian or not. Every human has to have his cross to bear. With the help of God life is getting much easier and it makes sense.

I get so much balsam for the soul. And I like to say: God loves you. Not because you make a good job. You are something special because you want to accept Gods’ love. Maybe you can’t do it. I didn’t mean that you have to accept Gods’ love, but rather if you want to accept it. He loves us all, all indeed. Every human is something special with his way of being. Everyone is a wonderful personality that is to be discovered by Gods’ love. He picks you at your level. And he makes all good.

This was a short report from Gabriele Wolf: Balsam for the soul. I had lots of fun to write this down. Perhaps I write at anytime anything. I enjoyed it. God bless you and give you a warm and satisfied heart.

Gabriele Wolf, 2009

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