The young princess' healing

Once upon a time there was a young princess. She was lovely beautiful, full of gentleness and warm hearted. Her eyes were shiny blue. Se was fair haired and had wonderful apricot skin. Her complexion had noble origin. But some day when playing, her hair shot in flames and her whole face was burnt. And not enough: She became blind. How sad she was, since the people could not conceal, that she was an ugly appearance. Again and again they whispered. Since those days the girl kept her eyelids closed forever. His girl had been all the king's pride. The queen admired her daughter's warm heart and her courage in handling the accident. When the girl was 18, her parents heard of a young man, who was well known for his marvellous ointments. Immediately they asked him for a visit. When the young man arrived, the girl sat at the well in the yard. The sun shone on her fair hair and it shone like gold. He looked at the girl, not at the scars. In her charisma he saw her warm heart, the gentleness and how lovely beautiful she was. The young man took his ointment. It smelled like spring flowers and lovely. Smoothly he touched her cheeks. She withdrawed. He passed his hand over her forehead, nose and chin. He became really weak and interrupted the treatment. But he came back with a marvellous ointment, that smelled like lilies of the valley. Some day he asked the princess if he was allowed to create a potted image of her. She agreed. There was a miracle beaming out of the sculpture. It was incredible. The sculpture was fired. The king absolutely wanted to get it. But the young man implored him for keeping it. The girl's father agreed. The scars had decreased well, but still had not healed completely. The man said goodbye without a reason and left. At home he put the sculpture next to the window. Each day he took a stool, sat down face to face with it and touched cheeks, forehead, nose and chin with precious ointments. Although the princess missed the young man very much, she felt tightly bound to him and was cheerful and in high spirits. The scars had healed completely and she was the most beautiful girl of the whole kingdom. But she kept her eyelids closed, since she was still blind. Some day the sculpture had vanished. Since that day the princess was sad and worn down. Her parents noticed that and again called the marvellous healer to their castle. When he arrived, the girl again sat at the well in the yard. Again her hair shone like gold in the sun. When he saw her with her apricot skin and her wonderful smile, he fainted. He approached her and took a marvellous ointment, which smelled bewitching and full of passion. He gently passed his hand over her cheeks, her forehead, - their hearts beat - nose and chin. Oh how beautiful you are, he whispered so gently, that she hardly was able to hear it. But she heard it. She also could hardly control herself. At last he dipped once more into the ointment and gently passed over her eyes. She startled, because he had never before touched them. In the shock she opened her eyelids. She twinkled, because the bright sunlight hurt her eyes, and she was able to see at last. He touched her lips and they kissed. What a celebration it was, when the princess and the young man married. And they lived in fortune for the rest of their lives.

Gabriele Wolf, 2001

Messages of charity

Leo and Eva attend the 4th grade of school, Dominik also. Nobody in the form likes Dominik, because he uses to boast. Some day Dominik is absent from school for a long time. Leo delivers the homework to him and learns that Dominik is severely sick and lies in hospital. Leo tells that at school. Everybody is very affected. The teacher has the idea to please him. Eva can fold paper planes very well. They all fold a paper plane and everybody writes a message on it, like "we miss you, get better soon, our form lacks of you." They decorate the planes. Leo and Eva visit the hospital in the afternoon. They query the nurse whether Dominik is sleeping or if they are allowed to visit him. They are allowed. They open his door for a gap and let the planes glide in. Dominik is very surprised. There Eva and Leo appear and tell him the regards from the 4th grade, to get better soon. And Dominik decides "I'm going to get better soon." And when he returns from the hospital at school, he is welcome with hello and strange: He no more boasts, for he is welcome without that.

Whom can you send a message of charity? A paper plane, a heart, a letter, a note, a phone call ...

Gabriele Wolf, 2008

Would you like to be my friend?

Daniela is 10 years old. Soon she will attend the 5th grade in a new school. Daniela has never had many friends and felt lonesome, she desired to have a pet and she got a dog, but it neither was able to fill the emptiness. Yes, mum and dad also were rather likeable, but a badly good friend ... sometimes mum took Daniela to the church; after the lord's supper there used to be a silentness and Daniela knew that this was a special time dedicated to the lord. Today the sermon had done good and then suddenly rose a feeling - it was no voice, but she felt like "Would you like to be my friend?" Dear Jesus' friend? Yes, I want to be your friend. I want to be with you when you play and go wild, when you are sad or happy, when you are bored or busy, when you argue or please, I always want to be with you, the voice felt in her. Daniela sat back on the bench from kneeling totally flabbergasted. Yes, she wanted a friend to share everything with, to tell, to narrate. That pleased her. She had a friend and now she liked to attend the church. Sure, from now on Jesus was always with her, but in the church she got incentive, she looked forward to the church, the priest and sometimes she felt warm in the heart, then she told Jesus: "Come into my heart, I tidy it up for you. Thank you for being my friend." By now Daniela had many friends, but one very special and he has never disappointed her and when it happened that something was wrong, she told Jesus and she knew, he would get on with her. And she felt like Jesus first desired to get her friendship, before he blessed her with many other friends.

Gabriele Wolf, 2008

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